Wine Country is Love

For those who don’t know me, I love wine! If you do know me and have been to my home the first thing I instinctively do is offer wine. I love coming home to a glass of wine and I love tasting the notes of about a million different flavors in my wine. I tend to favor the Syrah’s of Australia and Argentina and Cabernets of well, California! Every day I wake up I thank God I live so closely to wine country. It is one of the very highlights of living in San Francisco. At any time I have friends going to pick up shipments who offer to take me, or the ability to hop in a rental car and make the trip!

I’m currently a member of Winc, a wine club that sends you monthly boxes of wines from all over the country and of Comstock Wines. Comstock is amazing for hosting member only wine tasting events that allow you to get out of the city, enjoy the sun, and make some new friends.

I had such an amazing time last Saturday enjoying Sonoma wine country with some friends. We took the trip for my friends birthday celebration and we enjoyed good wine and such beautiful sights! Here’s a little taste of California Wine Country.

Bless Box

Starting a blog is much more time consuming than I imagined! January has been a busy month but I’ve finally found a moment to catch my breath and begin blogging again.  I’ve recently been inspired to step up my subscription box game and I came upon Bless Box! I received my first box today and I immediately thought to myself “this is awesome blog material!” So here we are. This is what I got in my first blog box and I’m so excited to share with you! I can’t wait to see whats in my next months box as well.

Inside January’s Bless Box, you’ll find over 9 amazing products: 

  • A delicious super-food inspired snack to help you power through your resolutions
  • Luxurious hair strengthening tools to fight off cold winter winds
  • A bold & beautiful duo to help you take on the New Year with style 😉
  • A little something to help your style stay STRONG & something extra to help you stay HEALTHY
  • Something to help keep you focused & organized with ALL your #goals
  • A resolution-inspired, reusable bonus to carry with you throughout the whole year!
  • very special piece of fashion, which alone retails for over $40$! (Yes, it’s in EVERY BOX)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am reminded of exactly how blessed I am and I give thanks for all the people in my life. This post is totally non-related to fashion but I just had to post about what a wonderful day it has been. As I move into the next chapter of my life (married life), I love this Friendsgiving tradition that my friends and I have started. There is nothing that quite tops quality time with close friends and just being there for one another. Sharing some of my Thanksgiving with you all and hoping that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Thanks for following 🙂

Austin not realizing I’d be blogging this. Lol.
My husband carving the ham and turkey!


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