My name is Candace and I live in San Francisco, California (originally from Columbus, Ohio). I’m married to an incredible man who helped me get this page setup. Love my tech-y husband <3. I enjoy photography, trying new recipes on Pinterest, Wine + Napa Valley, fashion blogs, reading, and traveling. I’ve always had a passion to work in the fashion industry along the business side and I absolutely love reading other great fashion blogs. I’m an entrepreneur at heart through and through and I love creating things that bring people enjoyment and happiness. I have a B.S. in Finance from The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes! – I LOVE football).

During my week days I work full time in Accounting for the private school and technology company in SF.

About This Blog

This blog is an outlet to inspire other fashionistas who want to look their best but also feel their best! I love the chic and fabulous! So you will find cute semi casual looks and styles for women in all paths of life, whether you work in an corporate office, Silicon Valley startup, or you’re a really stylish stay at home wife/mother. I’ve named my page Plaid and Ivory as a representation of my life growing up in rural Ohio and my life now as a professional living and working in the big city.

I want to share all my special finds and deals with you.

This is also just a place where I can be myself and hopefully you can too!


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