For those who don’t know me, I love wine! If you do know me and have been to my home the first thing I instinctively do is offer wine. I love coming home to a glass of wine and I love tasting the notes of about a million different flavors in my wine. I tend to favor the Syrah’s of Australia and Argentina and Cabernets of well, California! Every day I wake up I thank God I live so closely to wine country. It is one of the very highlights of living in San Francisco. At any time I have friends going to pick up shipments who offer to take me, or the ability to hop in a rental car and make the trip!

I’m currently a member of Winc, a wine club that sends you monthly boxes of wines from all over the country and of Comstock Wines. Comstock is amazing for hosting member only wine tasting events that allow you to get out of the city, enjoy the sun, and make some new friends.

I had such an amazing time last Saturday enjoying Sonoma wine country with some friends. We took the trip for my friends birthday celebration and we enjoyed good wine and such beautiful sights! Here’s a little taste of California Wine Country.